Rev-A-Shelf 24" White Polymer Lazy Daisy Tip-Out Tray LD-6591-24-11-1

The Rev-A-Shelf 24-inch White Polymer Lazy Daisy Tip-Out Tray, model LD-6591-24-11-1, is a versatile and practical organizational solution for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This product is designed to maximize storage space while keeping the contents easily accessible. 

Material: The tray is constructed from a durable and easy-to-clean white polymer, which is both sturdy and resistant to moisture and everyday wear and tear.

Size: With a length of 24 inches, this tray is a suitable choice for standard-sized cabinet openings, providing ample space for storing various items.

Tip-Out Design: The "tip-out" design allows the tray to be hinged at the top, so it can easily pivot forward, providing quick and convenient access to the contents stored inside.

Storage Space: This tray is ideal for storing smaller items such as sponges, scrub brushes, soap, or kitchen utensils in the kitchen, or toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other bathroom essentials in the bathroom.

Easy Installation: The Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Daisy Tip-Out Tray is designed for straightforward installation in most standard cabinet openings, making it a user-friendly and accessible solution for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

White Finish: The white finish of the polymer tray complements a variety of cabinet styles and blends seamlessly with most interior design schemes, adding a clean and organized look to your cabinets.

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